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Experience a multitude of delicious traditional cuisines and snacks from the residents of south Tel Aviv's unique neighborhood "Neve-Sha'anan". You will be amazed by the food, but perhaps even more so by the untold stories of this complex community


  • Guided by a long-time resident and activist of South Tel Aviv
  • Meet local business owners and get a real glimpse of a day in their life
  • Visit places that have been significant to the complicated past and present of this neighborhood
  • Taste a variety of delicious traditional cuisines and snacks that originate in different parts of the world
  • Hear remarkable and unheard stories of those who fled their home countries through a long journey

Tour Itinerary

  • Tour Itinerary
  • 11:00 - Tour starts at Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv
  • 14:00 - Tour ends

Full Description

This tour begins when your guide comes to pick you up from Abraham Hostel. After a short introduction, you will take a few minutes walk to Tel Aviv’s old central station.

At the Old Central Station, you will be introduced to Neve Shaanan’s unique and complicated story: from its establishment by Jewish workers about a 100 years ago, up to the huge demographic changes in recent years. You will learn the significance of this particular bus station and begin to understand the complicated situation of the residents and their political labels, which include “refugees”, “asylum seekers”, “migrant workers”, and “infiltrators”, together with Israeli residents that have lived there for decades.
Next, you will adventure deeper inside the neighborhood and there is no better way than through their incredible food culture! This neighborhood is unique not only because of what the residents offer through their remarkable stories, but also through their culinary skills. You will get to experience their incredible dishes and snacks that originate from different parts of the world.
You will journey through this flavorful tour visiting some of the oldest shops around, owned by an Israeli Jew who specializes in nuts. The adventure includes a somewhat hidden location, a “Hamra” –drinks house, that is a social gathering place for the Eritrean community.
During the tour, you will visit three mouthwatering restaurants from three different communities of people and as well try surprising snacks at an exotic supermarket. These places are something that even many local Israelis don’t know about, and this tour is your chance to get a real insiders experience!
The tour concludes with a visit to the local Levinsky park. Your guide will bring some closure to the story about the complicated reality of the people who live here without guaranteed stability, while still building a community & home.
Come join us to Neve Sha’anan and get a taste of the very unique history and present life of this special neighborhood, with plenty of helpings from their delicious food culture.

For more information you can call us on +972 2 566 0045 between 9am and 9pm (Israel time), or write to us.
140 ILS
Per Person
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Quick Facts
  • Duration:
    3 Hours
  • Pickup points:
    Tel Aviv - Abraham Hostel Lobby
  • Essential Information:
    Things to bring
    - Empty stomach
  • Includes:
    - Guided tour
    - Dishes from 3 restaurants
    - Special snacks and drinks