Pickup Points

Below are Street View (or where not possible, static) images of all Abraham Tours pickup points. They are not all available for each departure.

Jerusalem – Abraham Hostel-Davidka Square – 67 Hanavi’im Street

Jerusalem – Jaffa Gate – for Sandeman’s New Jerusalem tours only

Jerusalem – Carta Parking Lot (Jaffa Gate) – PRIOR REQUEST ONLY and for selected tours

Tel Aviv – Abraham Hostel Lobby – 21 Lavontin Street

Tel Aviv – Opera Building – 1 Allenby St – Selected Tours only – check your confirmation


Nazareth – Mary’s Well – Selected Tours only – check your confirmation

Nazareth – 100 Paulus Ha-Shishi Street, Central Bus Station (in front of McDonald’s)  – AMMAN BUS ONLY

Tiberias – Rabin Square – Tiberias Hostel

Tiberias – Aviv Hostel

Eilat Central Bus Station

Ben Gurion Airport (TLV)

Inside – Level G – Gate 2
After getting out of the Arrivals Hall, turn left and walk towards gate 2, the taxi driver will be waiting next to the Ben Gurion statue.




Wardat el-Bustan Hotel – University Street (al-Jamiah st.), Near Majdi Mall