Petra and Wadi Rum 2-Day from Eilat

Experience the best of Jordan on our two-day tour from Eilat! 

Leaving Eilat, we will head toward the Jordanian border, crossing at the Arava Border Crossing and enter Jordan driving through the famous port city of Aqaba.

In Aqaba, we will experience a traditional Jordanian brunch that includes Hummus, Falafel, Foul, Salads, fresh Pita bread and more.

From here we will continue on to Wadi Rum to take in the exquisite desert landscape. Wadi Rum was made famous in the West by “Lawrence of Arabia”, the British officer, who served with rebel Forces during the successful Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Turks, Aptly described by Lawrence as “vast, echoing and God-like”. We will travel through the vast scenic desert valley on a 4×4 Jeep tour, providing you with the best possible experience of this moon-like landscape, the red sand dunes, towering cliffs of weathered stone, and desert animals. After the Jeep ride, we will make our way to a unique Bedouin experience in the heart of the dunes and cliffs of Wadi Rum where you will enjoy Bedouin hospitality, including a delicious Bedouin-style dinner and a comfortable bed for the night. Before going to sleep, sit beneath the clear desert skies and stargaze, as you drink a cup of Bedouin tea. 

Waking up early the next morning, we will have breakfast before we get on the bus and depart for Petra. This day of the trip is focused entirely on Petra, a famous heritage site set in a stunning red sandstone landscape. One of the new Seven Wonders of the World, and the highlight of this trip, Petra was once a major crossroads of the ancient Near East, and its Nabataean people flourished through commerce. You will have the whole morning to tour Petra with the guide, before taking a lunch break at a local restaurant. Then in the afternoon, you will have the opportunity to explore on your own the various sites, such as the monastery. 

This fully guided and well-designed tour is an excellent and convenient way to explore the two major highlights of Jordan – the famous site of Petra with an unforgettable true desert experience in Wadi Rum. 


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  • See beautiful landscapes of scenic Wadi Rum
  • Full day visit to Petra - one of the Seven Wonders of the World
  • Experience Bedouin hospitality including authentic Zerb meal
  • Taste traditional local food
  • One guide that is with you from the moment you arrive in Jordan until you leave taking care of your entire trip.
  • Overnight under the stars in Bedouin Camp in the depth of the desert


Tour Itinerary

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    Day 1

    09:00 pick up from Eilat
    09:30 Cross border via Arava Border Crossing
    10:00 Pick up from Aqaba
    10:00 Aqaba
    10:30 head to a local restaurant for a traditional local style brunch
    12:00 head to Wadi Rum
    13:00 Jeep Safari of Wadi Rum
    16:30 Arrive at Traditional Bedouin campsite
    for dinner & overnight stay

    **NB: All times are approximate and are for indicative purposes only.
    The schedule will be modified in the summer when there are longer daylight hours.
    Actual times vary considerably depending on many factors such as pace of the group, border crossing times, traffic, the interest of group, weather conditions, Muslim & Christian holidays, time of year, etc. Guides have the discretion to modify the schedule to adapt to all these factors

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    Day 2

    06:00 Wake up
    06:30 Breakfast at Camp in Wadi Rum
    07:15 Depart for Petra
    09:00 Visit Petra
    12:00 End of the guided tour of Petra
    12:00 Lunch in Petra
    13:00 Free afternoon for further exploration of Petra
    16:00 Gather at the Visitor Center to head back to the bus
    16:15 Depart from Petra to Arava Border Crossing
    19:00 Arrive back in Eilat

    **NB: All times are approximate and are for indicative purposes only.
    The schedule will be modified in the summer when there are longer daylight hours.
    Actual times vary considerably depending on many factors such as pace of the group, border crossing times, traffic, the interest of group, weather conditions, Muslim & Christian holidays, time of year, etc. Guides have the discretion to modify the schedule to adapt to all these factors

Good to Know

  • Israeli re-entry Visa: If you previously received a visa on the spot when you arrived in Israel, you should have no problem with re-entering Israel. If you had to apply for a visa to enter Israel, please check the conditions of your visa regarding re-entry. Please be aware; Israel gives 3-month visas to many nationalities. Often they will give you a new 3 month visa on each entrance, however, they will sometimes refuse this if you have overstayed a visa, or have already been in Israel for more than 6 months in the past year on a tourist visa. If you require clarification, please check with the Israel embassy in your country or the Ministry of Interior in Israel.
  • Students, Foreign Workers, and Volunteers: If you are on a student/volunteer/work visa in Israel it is important to ensure you have or are eligible for reentry as some visas are not multiple-entry. It is best to visit Misrad Hapnim (Ministry of Interior) to receive further information or receive a multiple entry visa if required.
  • Things to bring: Valid passport, Money for border crossing and exit fee, Hat for protection from the sun, Comfortable walking shoes, Flashlight (or your smartphone) for use at night, Warm clothes for the night, Camera
  • Forbidden items in Jordan: Any size drones, Telescopes, Telephoto cameras with super zoom lenses (higher than 1000mm), Religious Objects and Clothing: Please be aware that certain religious clothing and objects can create issues for travelers at the border crossing. If you wish to bring such items, please consult with our sales desk prior to the tour.
  • Passport Information: Please note that failure to send in or insert your correct passport details by 5:00 PM the evening before your tour departs can incur extra costs or result in the cancellation of your booking with no possibility of a refund.
  • Muslim Holidays: During Islamic Holy Days (especially Ramadan), some sites may be closed or visiting times shortened. Delays at the border may also occur on these days.
  • Meals: All meals are buffet style, and there are many options for vegetarians or vegans. Religious meal requirements (such as Kosher or Halal) are unable to be accommodated unfortunately on this tour
  • Bedouin Campsite: The beauty of the camp is its simplicity and its off-road location in the heart of the desert. Nevertheless, it has full facilities; very comfortable beds, hot showers, and charming common areas to hang around. There is NO WiFi at the camp - enjoy some quiet offline time! If you are traveling by yourself, you will most likely need to share a room with one or two people of the same gender. Hotel Upgrade is NOT an option in Wadi Rum




  • Full transportation to all sites
  • Full guiding
  • Entrance fees
  • 4×4 Jeep tour in Wadi Rum
  • Accommodation in Bedouin campsite
  • Meals (brunch and dinner on the first day, breakfast, lunch on the second day)


  • Drinks
  • Travel insurance
  • Border taxes

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Do I need to arrange for a visa in advance?

Jordan permits most Western countries to receive a travel visa at the border crossing. However, residents of some countries need to apply for a visa in advance. Check with your local embassy, or online.
For re-entry into Israel, please ensure you are eligible for a Visa on Arrival or have already arranged a multiple entry visa for Israel in advance.

Can Israeli Citizens join the tour?

Please note, this tour is not available to sole Israeli passport holders, due to restrictions.
If you have Israeli Citizenship in addition to a foreign passport, please contact us prior to the tour for special instructions regarding the border crossings.

What currency do I need for the border fees?

The border fees on the Israeli side can be paid in ILS, Euro, USD & credit card. The Jordanian side accepts only Jordanian Dinar in Cash – but no need to worry or pre-arrange anything as you will have some time to exchange while in the Jordanian side of the border while waiting to enter.

Can I stay in Jordan after the tour ends?

If you plan to leave the tour in Jordan let us know in advance, and we will make the necessary adjustments.

What if I experience issues while crossing the border?

As this tour crosses international borders, our ability to ensure the group is able to cross without delay is limited, due to security, customs and visa related issues.
As such, whilst we attempt to wait for all tour participants before departing from the border, both on the way into Jordan and when returning into Israel, if a passenger is significantly delayed we will attempt to provide or suggest alternative transport arrangements for this person to join the group, or arrive in Eilat at a later point, to ensure the tour is able to run as scheduled for the rest of the tour participants.

What are the Border taxes:

Israeli exit fee of 107 ILS, payable with ILS, USD or EUR.
Jordanian visa fee of 40 Jordanian Dinar,  PAYABLE ONLY IN CASH IN JOD (there is an option to exchange while crossing into Jordan, on the Jordanian side)
Jordanian exit fee of 10 Jordanian Dinar, PAYABLE ONLY IN CASH IN JOD.