• Hummus workshop - Abraham Hostels
  • Hummus workshop - Abraham Hostels




Ingredients (2 diners):

200g chickpeas,

80g Tahini

1 large garlic clove

20g chopped parsley

100ml Olive oil, more if desired

100ml lemon juice

1/3 cup water (plus more if needed)



Soak the chickpeas. In a large bowl, soak the dried chickpeas in water. Be sure there is enough water that the chickpeas are completely immersed and have room to swell, as they will absorb water while they soak. Leave to soak overnight. In the morning they will look plump and swollen.

Cook the chickpeas. After soaking overnight, rinse the chickpeas, place them in a large pot, and fill with water. Make sure there is plenty of water in the pot as the water will reduce during the cooking process. Place the pot on the stove at high heat and bring to a boil. As the chickpeas begin to simmer, a foam will rise to the top. Skim off this foam into a bowl with a spoon and discard. Once the water has come to a boil, turn down the heat and leave the chickpeas to simmer, partially covered, for an hour and a half. During the cooking process, add water to the chickpeas if needed. Once cooked, the chickpeas should be plump, soft, and able to be squashed with a spoon.

A hand blender works best for hummus (similar to what was used in the workshop), but you could also use a food processor, food mill, or potato masher – anything to pulverize the beans. A jar blender can be used, but only if it has a powerful motor.

Prepare the hummus. Place two spoonfuls of the cooked chickpeas into a bowl and set aside for later.  In a large bowl, first add the garlic and blend it for 10 to 15 seconds; then, scrape the sides of the bowl so the garlic is in one pile. In the same bowl, add the rest of the cooked chickpeas, 80g tahini, 20g chopped parsley, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper; pulse 10 to 12 times. Blend the mixture until it’s creamy. Finally, add the water and process until very smooth. If a thinner consistency is desired, add more water or lemon juice. Adjust seasoning to taste.

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Bon Appetit!