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Join us every day of the week at 7pm for our Travel lectures and language classes covering a variety of topics, allowing you, the traveler, to become empowered and informed!

Our regular lectures are listed below and run for approximately 45 minutes, however we often have guest lecturers who share their own expertise and travel experience.

Travel Lectures

Introduction to Travel in Israel

Our ‘Introduction to Travel in Israel’ lecture provides the perfect starting point for those who have just arrived in Israel, or left Tel Aviv for the first time, to hear about what the country has to offer for independent travellers.

After hearing a general overview of Israel, you will hear about the amazing food and drinks that Israel (and especially the nearby market) has to offer.

Whether you are planning on venturing outside of the major centres and need accommodation, or are wondering about the best transport options or highlights in Israel and the West Bank, our tours staff will explain everything clearly and without any up selling or marketing like you are most likely used to from the ‘free information’ desks you have most likely encountered elsewhere on your travels.

Wondering what there is to do on Shabbat? Interested to hear about the local beer, or want to find out the best place to try it out?

These questions and more are covered in detail and of course at the end of the lecture we have an open question and answer session as well.

Hiking in Israel

Israel provides one of the greatest opportunities to hike through both history and natural beauty at once.  This great lecture will help inform and prepare those looking to walk the Israel trail, Jesus trail, or who simply want to explore one the nearby Wadis (Arabic term for valley).

Along with suggestions of the length of hikes, where to find gear, and the seasonal variance of hikes, the lecture will explain to you the great system of hiking markings which span the entire country.

Language Classes

Hebrew class for travelers

Alef Bet, easy as 123.  Well maybe not, but with the help of our native Hebrew speaking Tour’s staff, you’ll be able to learn the basics of this difficult language and focus on the specific words, numbers and phrases which you will need to make your journey in Israel that little bit easier.

You might not be able to read the Talmud after one lecture, but if you’re looking to order a beer, buy a fallafel, or even get the cheapest taxi fares within the city, this lecture will provide you with basics.

Arabic class for travelers

Basic traveler’s Arabic is of great utility through the region including in Israel where it, along with Hebrew, is one of the two official languages.

You would be surprised how much a few words in a somebody’s native language will help you gain their respect and understanding, allowing you to delve far deeper into their culture.

Our Arabic class for travelers will introduce you to the basics of the language along with the more fundamental phrases necessary on a daily basis.