Timna Park Tour

Visit one of the most impressive geological formations in the area – the red sandstone Mushroom. Its shape was created by rapid erosion on the bottom half of the rock. Travel back in time to view an ancient workstation where copper was melted to create tools, weapons, and ornaments.

Surrounded by incredible scenery, we will continue on to view famous, unique geological structures known as The Arches, as well as Solomon’s Pillars. Here, we will also see the remains of the Egyptian temple dedicated to Goddess Hathor, as well as ancient rock carvings that depict King Ramses III.

Then we will continue to Timna Lake, a great place to relax at the end of the tour! Soak in the landscape, fill bottles of colored sandstone, or enjoy thirst quenching refreshments at the concession stand.

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  • Breathtaking views of the Negev Desert
  • Explore the ancient copper mines
  • Tour ancient Egyptian remains
  • Incredible and natural geological structures


Tour Itinerary

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    Day 1

    8:00 am – Pickup from Eilat
    8:30 am – Arrive at Timna Park for a brief multimedia presentation
    9:00 am – The Mushroom
    9:30 am – The Arches
    10:00 am- Solomon Pillars
    10:45 am -Timna Lake
    11:30 am – Depart Timna Park
    12:00 pm- Arrive back in Eilat

Good to Know

  • This is a self-guided tour, meaning that it includes full transportation and free guiding materials, but no actual guide.
  • Self-guiding materials are available for FREE - Abraham Tours App (Available on Google Play and App store).
  • This tour is available seasonally, in the winter only.
  • Things to bring: Hat, sunscreen, water, snacks, camera.




  • Transportation to and from Eilat, and within Timna Park 
  • Self-guiding materials


  • Entrance fee to Timna (49 ILS)
  • Lunch
  • Guide (self guiding materials available)
  • Optional – bike rental

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Will it be possible to see the Tabernacle Tent?

No, the Tabernacle display will not be included in this tour.

Will there be enough time to complete the hike at the Arches ortake out a boat on the lake?

On this tour you will be given a specific amount of time at each site, and there will not be time for hiking trails or boat rentals.