Red Canyon, Desert & Kibbutz Life

On this tour, we will visit some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes in the south of Israel. We will begin with a hike along the walls of the Red Canyon, sculpted over millions of years by water and wind, and featuring magnificent backdrops and undisturbed desert trails.

Continuing on our journey, we will sink into the white and yellowish sand of the Kasui Dunes, made up of tiny marine fossils from when the area was completely covered by ocean. We will also tour the archaeological remains of the Tiger Temple, an ancient open-air ritual site.

At Kibbutz Neot Semadar, we will explore its iconic arts complex and learn about Kibbutz life from one of the most ecologically minded communities in the Arava Valley. Taste the wines made here using grapes from the local organic farm, where harsh desert conditions and heightened altitude contribute to the complex and full bodied flavors.

Enjoy the local fruits, vegetables, and cheeses at Pundak Neot Semadar, a restaurant and shop that features healthy vegetarian meals you can buy for lunch and produce from the organic farm at the Kibbutz.

Kibbutz Ketura will offer us insight into the transformation from traditional agriculture to technological farming. Here, we will see the ‘Methuselah’, an endangered date palm tree which was cultivated and planted from a seed that was found during the Masada archeological excavations dating back 2000 years, and the Ketura Sun, the first solar farm generating clean electricity in the Middle East.

The tour will conclude after our final stop at Kibbutz Yotvata, the first Kibbutz in the Arava region, famous for its sustainable dairy farming and excellent ice cream!

From here, we will return to Eilat through the Arava Valley.

**This tour runs with cooperation with Aravaway***

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  • Walk through the Red Canyon
  • See the spectacular sand dunes within the Ovda Valley
  • Taste local, desert-produced wines at Kibbutz Neot Semadar
  • Learn about the lifestyle and values of collective communal kibbutzim
  • See transformations from Kibbutz’s traditional agricultural lifestyle to the booming technology of today


Tour Itinerary

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    08:00 – Depart from Eilat
    08:30 – Red Canyon
    10:30 – Kasui Dunes
    11:30 – Kibbutz Neot Smadar – Unique ecological community
    12:30 – Free time at “Pundak Neot Smadar” for lunch
    14:00 – Kibbutz Ketura – home to the first solar field in Israel
    15:30 – Kibbutz Yotvata – the first Kibbutz in the Arava region
    17:00 – Arrive back in Eilat

Good to Know

  • This tour is led by one of our experienced drivers who will take you to each site, and a local member of each Kibbutz will meet us and guide us through their respective communities.
  • This tour operates only in the winter
  • In cases of extreme weather conditions, the itinerary will be adjusted accordingly
  • Pickup Points: Eilat - Be Unique Hotel
  • Things to bring: Hat, Sunscreen, water, snacks, camera




  • Guiding
  • Full transportation
  • Tastings at the Kibbutz Neot Semadar winery


  • Lunch and Drinks

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Does the tour include lunch?

No, but there will be opportunities to buy during free time.

How difficult is the hiking trail on the Red Canyon?

This hike is an easy trail, that’s great for beginners or the whole family!