Hebrew Immersion Course (5 Day)

On your visit to Israel do more than just tour the country—learn the language too! This joint package offers you the chance to spend five nights at the Abraham Hostel and five days learning to speak and read Hebrew at nearby Ulpan-Or, Israel’s leading center for Hebrew learning. The Hebrew course is perfect for beginners with no previous knowledge of Hebrew required.


  • In just five days, learn to speak basic Hebrew!
  • Small groups—maximum of five students per group
  • Instructors are native Hebrew speakers, experienced and passionate about teaching Hebrew
  • Ulpan-Or uses the innovative Rapid Language Acquisition methodology to help students acquire (rather than learn) Hebrew through natural communication, similar to the way a child learns a native language
  • A friendly and supportive atmosphere makes studying Hebrew fun
  • Shakshuka Workshop evening
  • Pub Crawl evening

Tour Itinerary

  • Day 1: How to introduce yourself in Hebrew; Basic slang; Introduction to the Hebrew alphabet
  • Day 2: Numbers 1-10; Additional letters; How to ask for a phone number, how to ask for the bill, how to say please and thank you and other must-know phrases; Reading
  • Day 3: Names of different beverages and food and how to order them at a café or restaurant; Numbers until 20; How to ask for and give directions; Reading. Evening Shakshuka workshop.
  • Day 4: How to ask someone their age and other key phrases; Numbers up to 99; Names of emotions and how to express feelings
  • Day 5: Take your Hebrew outside and put it into use as you explore the streets of Tel Aviv on 1.5 hour long interactive guided Hebrew tour with your instructor; Introduction to basic verbs and nouns; Graduation celebration. Evening Pub Crawl.

Full Description

Are you traveling to Israel and would like to acquire a basic understanding of the language? Then the Joint Abraham Tours and Ulpan-Or Hebrew Learning Package is a must. During a five day/night stay at the hostel you will have the opportunity to devote three hours each day, from 12:00pm-3:00pm, learning Hebrew at Ulpan-Or’s centrally located Tel Aviv branch. You will have the rest of the day free to explore Tel Aviv, hit the beach, take a tour, or spend your time as you wish. Ulpan-Or is just a 20 minute walk or short bus ride from the Abraham Hostel and is conveniently located near main attractions and public transportation routes.

The Hebrew course is designed for beginners with no previous knowledge of Hebrew. The emphasis of the course will be on conversational Hebrew, perfect for the tourist who would like to have the language skills to order a cup of coffee or a meal, find out where the bathroom is located, or ask for directions. Students will also learn the basics of Hebrew reading. The course offers an excellent introduction to spoken Hebrew and provides a strong foundation for those students interested in furthering their Hebrew studies either independently or in a more advanced course.

On day one you will jump right into acquiring Hebrew beginning with an introduction to the Hebrew alphabet and the learning of key phrases used regularly in conversation. Day two will focus on learning numbers up to 10, more letters and more common phrases. You will also begin learning to read. On day three you will get acquainted with the names of foods and drinks, how to ask for them in a store or place your order at your local café, and how to ask for and give directions. Learn numbers all the way until 20 and continue learning to read. With your new-found knowledge of Israeli cuisine, you will participate in our fun-filled Shakshuka Workshop, where our expert instructors will give you all the tools you need to make your very own Shakshuka (tomato-based egg dish.) End the evening by chomping down on your creation together with new friends and fellow students.

On day four you will practice the numbers all the way until 99. You will also learn more essential Hebrew words, phrases and questions to help you navigate your way through a typical day in Israel. Learn the names of emotions and how to express your feelings. On graduation day, day 5, you will hit the streets of Tel Aviv. Join your instructor on an hour and a half guided Hebrew tour where you will have the chance to put the Hebrew you learned over the previous days to good use. The remainder of the day will be devoted to learning basic verbs and nouns. Celebrate your graduation by joining our Tel Aviv Pub Crawl later that night. Discover the best of Tel Aviv’s hotspots and drink a glass of bira or yayin. L’chayim!


This tour can be customized as a private tour for families or groups. Request a Private Tour Price Quote

Private tour For more information you can call us on +972 2 566 0045 between 9am and 9pm (Israel time), or write to us.
Quick Facts
  • Duration:
    5 Days
  • Essential Information:
    A minimum of 6 participants total is required in order to offer the course.
  • Includes:
    -Course materials include 2 Ulpan-Or e-books with both audio and video components
    -Students will have free access to the e-books for two months after completion of the course
    -Overnight dorm accommodation at Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv
    -Breakfasts at Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv
    -Shakshuka Workshop
    -Pub Crawl