Tel Aviv Beach Chill-out

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Congratulations on making it to arguably (as Israelis love to do) one of the hottest beaches in the Middle East! Tel Aviv gets this title mostly for its impeccable view of sea and people. In just a short walk to the beach together, you will see how quickly the Israeli culture brings strangers together as friends. After a nice walk through the market, we will arrive at the beach to relax and soak in the cooling crystal waters of the mediterranean. The excitement of people playing local games and sports on the beach, the warmth and colors of the bronzing sun, and the deep relaxation that comes when you chill with friends at the Mediterranean Sea is just what the doctor ordered! Join us for the full experience!

Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays (during summertime) departing by foot from the Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv at 11:00am and returning around 5:00pm.

What do I get for this?
A chance to play our local games (matkot, shesh besh), sunscreen, an experience chilling under our amazing local shade-making creation, AKA a “zula” , friends both local and foreign, and a chance to experiment with your tanning expertise.

What should you bring?
Towel, hat, sunglasses, books or snacks (though we will walk through the market on the way).

Yalla, let’s go!