Traveler Information

Abraham Tours’ main philosophy is to empower independent travelers to explore the region within the limits of their own budget, and without the need for a professional tour guide at every step of way.

This is why we provide a variety of services and information to travelers so they can feel confident and enabled, with the knowledge that is important and necessary to make travel in the region both rewarding and easy.

Traveler’s Center

For those looking to set off on a day trip, week long hike, or maybe even a month long itinerary, our Traveler’s Center is staffed each day from 7am – 9pm to provide you with all the assistance necessary.

Here you can sign up to join one of our great tours, as well as gain help with booking bus tickets, checking out travel timetables, opening hours, and thousands of other questions which may arise during your travels.

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Travel Lectures

Our travel lectures, each night at 7pm in the Abraham Hostel, are a must for even the most experienced traveler.  Our knowledgeable staff will provide you with language classes, and lectures on travelling in the region, as well as an in-depth look at the religions which have made the city and its surrounds, so important throughout history.

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